Wednesday, 23 September 2009

RSYM Statement on Lisbon 2

22 09 09

The Republican Socialist Youth Movement calls on the people of Ireland to once more Vote No in the upcoming referendum on the Lisbon treaty. Lisbon 2 represents a blatant attack by the establishment on democracy. The Irish people have already made their feelings quite clear on this issue and their decision should be respected. In re-running and supporting the ratification of this treaty, the establishment parties have made a mockery of the democratic will of those they claim to represent. It is therefore essential that an emphatic No is returned to show that the dictatorial tactics of the Yes side will not be rewarded.

It is obvious which class in society this treaty is intended to benefit. This time round, those champions of working class interest, Intel and Ryanair, have thrown their weight behind the Yes side of the debate. Both have actively spent hundreds of thousands of euro to aid the Yes campaign so it’s not difficult to deduce which side of the fence normal working people should be on. The agenda of these people must be carefully assessed and questioned. Intel, as a manufacturer of components for military hardware stands to gain substantially from the increased militarisation of Europe. While when Michael O’Leary and his cohorts support something, we know as workers its usually a good rule of thumb to vote the other way. This is a man who has made millions through the brutal exploitation of workers.

In a recent debate on RTE Radio1 former supreme court judge Donal Barrington admitted that Ireland’s veto to prevent privatisation and the opening up of things like healthcare and education to foreign corporations is removed in the Lisbon Treaty. This is a very worrying development, as progression towards a healthcare system reminiscent of that in the USA would be disastrous for Ireland.

This treaty is designed to assure the ascendancy of one particular class in society, the ruling class. It further reduces Ireland’s say in the EU and vests more power in unelected bureaucrats rather than the normal citizens of the EU. It also requires Ireland to allocate more resources towards militarisation at a time when we are facing savage cuts implemented by the same people calling for a Yes vote. But seeing as our government has no problem with US warplanes landing at Shannon it is doubtful issues surrounding militarisation and neutrality is of much concern to them.

The Republican Socialist Youth Movement urges the Irish people not to bow to the bullying tactics of the government and the EU and to return a No vote once again.

National PRO
Republican Socialist Youth Movement